SEO or Search Engine Optimization is something we build into every new website our designers make. Other website advertising companies charge extra for this and for us we simply feel that a website isn’t complete without SEO as part of the package. You don’t invest your hard earned money in a new website because YOU wanted to look at the new website; you wanted others to find you in searches.

Some businesses are very competitive and will require more than just search engine optimization. This is where social media marketing, viral marketing, web 2.0 marketing and web 3.0 marketing come into play.

Hey you found our website didn’t you!

Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing and social media marketing have become much more important now that most website advertising companies realize that search engine optimization alone is often not enough.

Web 2.0 viral marketing, web 3.0 and social media marketing should all have one goal in mind; to make your website rank higher in search engines. Keeping in touch with clients on social sites is admirable and ranking well in a search is profitable.

If your clients could be potentially anywhere in the United States then TV advertising nationally would be very expensive. Many companies do advertise nationally on TV because it works! Don’t get me wrong, we love TV advertising. We are only pointing out the fact that dollar for dollar many businesses would be far better off with a good viral marketing campaign. Once the program is started it just continues and often gets better as months go by without any additional investment. TV commercials only produce results for as long as you are willing to pay to keep them running on TV.

We got our start when most people had never even seen this new thing called the World Wide Web. This is our original 1995 site: website design. Back in 1995 when a potential client wanted a new website they just wanted to be ahead of the others but most of them had never even seen a website. We would begin our meeting by showing them what the Internet looked like and how to search for something. We would try to find a competitor to their business but most of the time we couldn’t. There were only about 100,000 pages on the Internet back then so if we made a website for a client it was likely that they wouldn’t have much competition. Today it has been stated that the Internet has more individual pages than there are people on earth. With billions of pages on the Internet now being seen is much more difficult but it can still be done when you work with a company that has the right experience.

Please watch the video below to hear how a client of ours was able to stop paying a third party to provide leads for her dental office. She would have been forced to continue buying leads until the day she retired had she not contacted us about a viral marketing and web 2.0 marketing campaign. Now she doesn’t need to buy leads because the leads she used to be paying for come to her for free. She didn’t even need any web 3.0 marketing because the advertising value of our web 2.0 marketing was enough. Don’t take our word for it, do a search for “fort lauderdale dentist” and see if you find owned by Dr Natalia Benda on the first page of results.

Please watch the video below to see why website advertising is the best type of advertising.