Services Overview

With most website advertising companies all you get (if you are lucky) is someone who took a few classes on how to build websites. Maybe the person you hire works from home and there is nothing wrong with that. However, if you want something more, if you are trying to take your business to the next level this is where you’ll appreciate our approach to website advertising and marketing for serious companies.

With us you won’t have just some guy working on your website advertising you’ll have a team. Your website marketing team will begin with a designer IF you are having us make a new website. In order to be a designer in our company a minimum of a four year college degree in design is required.

What we offer

By working with us for your website marketing you’ll have a full service advertising agency on your side. This is important when you begin to consider your advertising needs beyond the website development need that you have today. For example you may want brochures, trade show display or maybe you’ve been thinking about TV advertising and we can help with all of these types of advertising and more. Below you can visit our other websites and see all the services we offer all within the same company.

  1. Advertising Agency
  2. Social Media Marketing
  3. Logo Designers
  4. Promotional Products
  5. Embroidered Golf Shirts
  6. Viral Marketing
  7. Web 2.0 Marketing
  8. Brochure Designers
  9. TV Advertising
  10. Business Card Designers



While our website designers are working on the layout our copywriter will be working on the text. Our copywriter has a master’s degree in journalism and she understands that the text should contain relevant keywords. You don’t have to concern yourself with what text to put on each page, that is our job. Having a new website designed for your business won’t become another project on your plate. Relax and take a deep breath because we do all of the website advertising and marketing work for you. Of course nobody knows your business better than you do so naturally we will ask you questions about your business and your competition. We will decide what text to use on the website; subject to your approval of course. The next step in the process is that the approved design and content (text) will be given to our programmers. Each step of the way we are thinking about website advertising and marketing with the goal of getting your website to rank well. It is up to the programmers to take the design and text and turn it into a fully functioning website. The final step in the process is SEO or search engine optimization which is included at no extra charge in every website we build. Depending upon the amount of competition in your business you may want more than just the standard SEO so we also offer viral marketing campaigns.

Imagine how much time and money can be saved by being able to make these types of changes and additions to your website without waiting on some website designer to fit it into their schedule. Never pay a programmer again to make updates to your website; once we build it you are in full control! Keeping your website current is one of the keys to good website marketing. Search engines make certain assumptions and one assumption is that if you keep updating your website then the info it contains is more likely to be relevant to what people are searching for. Database driven websites often rank higher because they are updated more often than the older style static page websites.

Good website advertising begins with a good website.